Come meet us at CES 2022
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

January 5-8, 2022

Smart Spaces Development

We, at Unikie, develop Smart Spaces for Automotive and Industrial use-cases, for example

  • Automated Factory Parking
  • Automated Valet Parking
  • Automated Bus Depots
  • Logistics Hubs
  • Smart Ports
  • Mines, Forestry and Agriculture

and more.

Our technology can be applied to numerous fields of industry, where autonomous mobility of vehicles, monitoring and understanding of a space or area and edge computing are needed.

Check out our short preview of Automated Valet Parking at the IAA Mobility in September 2021, and come talk to us about use-cases for your business.

Digital Cockpit Development

One of our competence areas in automotive, machinery, and vehicle development is the Digital Cockpit, which includes Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI), (Graphic) User Interfaces ((G)UI) and User Experience (UX).

Our AI development, aligned with our development in Secure Communications, 5G Networks and Embedded Software Development gives your business an edge over the competition, because we have the competence to develop the entire ecosystem around the Digital Cockpit.

Check out our short preview of Driver Monitoring and come talk to us on how we can improve your abilities to develop Digital Cockpit solutions that offer more to your customers.

Digital Mobility Development

We enable the use of new technology for Digital Mobility Development. By utilizing our experience in Autonomous Mobility, Secure Communications and Edge Computing and Realtime Data Management, we bring your business technology that is compatible with the entire Mobility Ecosystem.

We enhance the efficiency of network, hardware and software utilization, creating the best technology with our clients. Our co-creational way of working ensures fast go-to-market development with agile DevOps and lean project management.

Check out how our Dead Reckoning algorithm establishes the locational data compared to GPS/GNS and makes it possible to know where you are even when GPS/GNS information is unavailable.

At CES 2022

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