Who are the people behind NextGenAutonomous?

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Unikie - NextGenAutonomous

We are Unikie

We are a Finnish powerhouse of technology. We develop technology for secure realtime processes and offer consulting for related demand.

Our services meet at the heart of three global macro trends - IoE, 5G and AI, where we enable the use of continuous situational awareness for decision making and guidance.

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Born Global

We were born global. Today we have offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Poland and the United States.

Our customers are global pioneers of realtime data utilization, leading businesses of numerous areas of industry and public sector organizations around the globe.

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We founded Unikie in 2015 and are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Finland (Deloitte Fast50 2019, 3rd prize). Our annual revenue in 2020 was MEUR 33.

Our market areas are expected to grow strongly during the next decade. The demand for our artificial intelligence, deep technology and secure solutions is growing rapidly all over the world.

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We are agile and have a co-creational mindset. We seize business opportunities in all situations where our technology can create the most value for our customers. Our numbers are growing we are 400+ software professionals and enthusiasts with a deep internal flame for developing the best technology solutions together with our customers.

We are also a member of AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) as developer partner. We are heading the development of secure systems and are utilizing our extensive experience in development of secure communications systems and environments. Read more.


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